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A spice is a dried seed, fruit, root, bark, or vegetable substance primarily used for flavoring, coloring or preserving food. Sometimes a spice is used to hide other flavors.

Spices are distinguished from herbs, which are parts of leafy green plants used for flavoring or as a garnish.

Many spices have antimicrobial properties. This may explain why spices are more commonly used in warmer climates, which have more infectious disease, and why the use of spices is prominent in meat, which is particularly susceptible to spoiling.

Hulled Sesame Seeds

Our hulled sesame seeds are rich in quantity, nutrients and taste. We concentrate on de- hulling of sesame in a most hygienic and natural process resulting to high results especially in the baking industry. Through the process, the natural sesame seed undergoes thorough cleaning & segregation of damaged seeds, assuring a clean seed ready for hulling. Mechanically hulled sesame seed undergo a low temperature physical hulling during which no additives or chemicals are used. Hence, the seed contains all its natural richness and less fatty.

Natural Sesame Seeds and Washed Sesame Seeds

Accura is well known for supplying conventional and organic white sesame seed in the purest possible form.

Natural Sesame Seeds (un-hulled) are small, thin, tear-shaped black or tan seeds with a pleasing nutty flavor. Black and tan sesame seeds are similar in flavor, while white sesame seeds are more delicate. The black sesame seed is extremely rich in calcium, containing 85 milligrams per gram of seeds. It is also high in protein, phosphorous, iron and magnesium.

We do source and process bold & premium quality of both Whitish & Black Natural Sesame Seeds with purity of 99.99%.

Toasted Hulled Sesame Seeds

We also offer toasted hulled sesame seeds of uniform colour with our hi-tech machines. The roasted sesame seeds are very useful for consumer goods manufacturers. Before we hull, these roasted sesame seeds are thoroughly cleaned and thereby, enhance uniform quality and size of the seeds.

They are a rich source of vitamin B6,fiber, protein and many minerals like calcium, copper, iron, and zinc.

Black Sesame Seeds

We supply Jet black sesame seeds having uniform premium quality with highest purity standards.

Special grade of deep black sesame seed is procured & processed for cleaning to attain purity up to 99.98%. Our Black Sesame is being purchased by leading buyers of USA, Korea, Australia, Europe, etc. for medicinal & special applications.

Brown Sesame Seeds

Such types of seeds are produced across different states in India and is mostly used to make edible oil.